Axiom Spatial provides innovative land surveying solutions to commercial, government and private clients NSW wide.We embrace the latest land surveying technologies to ensure timely, accurate and efficient outcomes for our clients.

Our surveyors and support staff participate in continuous professional development provided by The Institution of Surveyors, ensuring that we have the skills to remain at the cutting edge of land surveying technologies, methods and legislative change.

Unlike many surveying companies, Axiom Spatial is owned and operated by  NSW Registered land surveyors.

Our most commonly requested professional services are described below, if you would like more information or a free, no obligation quote please feel free to contact us.

ServicesOur most commonly requested services

Building Setout Survey

Axiom Spatial land surveyors can ensure that your new building is built in the correct location, at the right setback from the boundary at the right level.  Having on-site registered surveyors means we are able to arrange this process quickly and efficiently, allowing you to build faster.

Topographic survey

A Topographic Survey (otherwise known as a detail survey, or contour survey) captures the features of the subject land, including buildings, driveways, trees, fencing, retaining walls and other information from adjoining lots; such as neighbouring buildings and windows. An Axiom Spatial land surveyor can accurately capture this information and create a drawing to be used by Architects and designers to plan new improvements on the land of various scales. Determining authorities (often the local council) may request this type of survey as part of the development application process.

Subdivision, redefinition and consolidation survey plans

Axiom Spatial can assist from conception to completion of title changes required for certain new developments.  We can initiate the subdivision process by creating draft subdivision plans for discussion with council; and once approved,  through to final subdivision plans ready for lodgement. Our registered land surveyor can also prepare plans of redefinition prior to strata subdivision as well as create plans to consolidate multiple lots into one lot. Axiom Spatial can also lodge these plans at LPI electronically, thereby saving you time and enabling construction of your project to commence ASAP.

Identification survey

Identification surveys are often required for a contract for sale to ensure that the folio identifier of the title agrees with the physical address of the land. An Axiom Spatial registered land surveyor will prepare a report along with a survey plan showing the position of buildings in relation to boundaries, easements, structures on adjoining properties, as well as providing details of any boundary encroachments.

Boundary marking

Axiom Spatial can help you to know where you stand in terms of your investment, whether that be your next project – or your own home. Contact us to arrange for a qualified land surveyor to visit your site and identify and mark the boundaries. This will clearly delineate the extent of your title and can be used for fencing, retaining walls or for identifying encroachments – in some cases settling neighbour disputes regarding official boundary location.

Granny flat and dual occupancy packages

Axiom Spatial land surveyors can provide complete surveying services for your Granny Flat or Duplex project. Let Axiom Spatial look after the surveying and land issues from topographic survey for DA to pegout, final survey and in the case of duplexes; Torrens or Strata subdivision. We can provide a total survey cost from project inception to occupation.

“Great service. Efficient, impartial, competent and professional. Five stars (plus one)!” - Susan A.


‘Spatial’  means “the relative place or location of something”.  Land surveyors are specialists in measuring, capturing and representing the built and natural environment.  They are also experts in managing many areas of administration relating to land boundaries and features.  Surveying has many applications for residential, business, government and commercial projects.

Survey Registration is an additional qualification which allows the Surveyor to make changes to existing land boundaries via the land titles office.  A registered surveyor is also authorised to set out new buildings. Using a land surveying firm owned and operated by Registered Surveyors (such as Axiom Spatial) means that you are assured your project is managed by an experienced, knowledgeable professional.  It also means less delay – as there is no need to out-source elements of your project – it can all be managed ‘in-house’.

“No challenge too big.  No detail too small.”