‘Spatial’  means “the relative place or location of something”.  Land surveyors are specialists in measuring, capturing and representing the built and natural environment.  They are also experts in managing many areas of administration relating to land boundaries and features.  Surveying has many applications for residential, business, government and commercial projects.

Survey Registration is an additional qualification which allows the Surveyor to make changes to existing land boundaries via the land titles office.  A registered surveyor is also authorised to set out new buildings. Using a land surveying firm owned and operated by Registered Surveyors (such as Axiom Spatial) means that you are assured your project is managed by an experienced, knowledgeable professional.  It also means less delay – as there is no need to out-source elements of your project – it can all be managed ‘in-house’.

There are many situations in which you may require a site detail survey. Surveyors are generally the first point of contact when undertaking development. This may include subdivision, renovation, extension or adding a secondary dwelling. 

The survey will provide all the land and boundary information necessary for Architects and Drafts People to create your designs as well as ensure the development will comply with statutory setbacks and other planning instruments.

The cost of a survey  depends on a number of factors:

  • Complexity of the survey, number of employees required, site safety constraints & type of equipment and processing required.
  • The type and nature of the deliverable and the accuracy of the data required.
  • Site access, topography, ground conditions and vegetation of the land.
  • Existing cadastral boundary information available in the area from previous surveys and the age of those surveys.
  • State & local council’s application & lodgement fees.

Please contact us about your project and we can provide you with a competitive fixed price from project inception to handover.

No, you don’t need to be on site for a survey to be conducted. Generally the survey shows information around your home, including front and back yards and the streetscape. We also obtain data remotely from you neighbouring properties using reflectorless measurement technologies.

Prior to our arrival we ask that access gates be unlocked and animals kept inside or secured. If the property to be surveyed is rented, you will need to provide the property manager’s details so a suitable time to access the property can be arranged with the tenant.

Subdivision of land generally requires a DA consent from the local Council. The Council will ensure that the new lots meet planning controls such as minimum lot size as well as assessing site drainage requirements and access issues.

Once a DA is approved we can finalise the subdivision plan and return the documents to Council to obtain a Subdivision Certificate.

Once the Subdivision Certificate is issued, the plan then goes to your bank or lending institution for approval and is then lodged at NSW Land Registry Service (LRS).

Please see out process guide on subdivision below (PDF):

Subdivision Plan Process

Yes, we don’t subcontract our surveying and Registered Surveying capabilities – which means we can deliver a prompt, professional and friendly service as well as a single point of contact throughout your project’s duration.

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Axiom Spatial provides innovative land surveying solutions to commercial, government and private clients NSW wide. Our surveyors and support staff participate in continuous professional development provided by The Institution of Surveyors and NSW Consulting Surveyors, ensuring that we have the skills to remain at the cutting edge of land surveying technologies, methods and legislative change. Axiom Spatial is owned and operated by NSW Registered land surveyors.

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